Vaibhav Mehta

Photography and film-making are his professional excuses to travel for nearly 6 years.
He’s been learning how to play the morchang and can manage a mean tune or two. In an
earlier life, he managed brands for corporates. He’s a restless soul, and while curiosity
may have killed the cat, it’s only brought new experiences for him. He pleads guilty to
introducing many photography enthusiasts to its finer nuances through workshops
conducted with ‘getoffurass’. He gets off his regularly, picking up new skills whenever
he can (bartending being his latest fancy, and we’re not complaining!) He brought out
his first coffee table book, ‘inpursuit’ in 2009, but his pursuit to create great content
continues. We don’t remember any more how he came to be called Gobee, but we’re
sticking to it!

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