Ralph Fernandes

He may have developed his chops working on commercial projects, but what really excites him are opportunities to express ideas in new and interesting ways. Post-production is what he really loves – although his range of experience spans projects for TV, Radio, Corporate Films, Documentaries and 2D & 3D projects for clients across the world. The consummate professional, he’s comfortable shooting, directing, editing and producing. He’s also a techie at heart, and the brains behind all our web-related work – yes, we admit it: we really don’t know what we’d do without him! A little detour took him into advertising research in London for a couple of years – but happily for us, he’s now back to his first love. A biker boy who likes to take off from the noise and grime of the city at the first chance he gets, Ralph believes he is most comfortable in a forest.

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